What Obama’s “Startup America” Means for Your Small Business

We loved this visual breakdown from Intuit on what “Startup America” means for small business. via: What Obama’s “Startup America” Means for Your Small Business [INFOGRAPHIC]   Whether you have a question about Obama’s “Startup America”, or you’d like to discuss our business plan writing services, feel free to contact us for a free consultation!

6 Overlooked Tax Deductions for Small Businesses

We found out that startups and small businesses breath a bit easier this tax season if they utilize some often overlooked tax deductions. Take a look and see if any can apply to you – the more you can save today, provides more you can use for yuor business tomorrow. The top 6 deductions are […]

4 Features of a Great Logo Design

Having a great business logo design is extremely important because even though our parents always taught us “don’t judge a book by its cover,” the inevitable truth is that we do. A great logo design will grab the attention of consumers, be memorable, and create an identity for your company. So how do you create […]

Learning all about Convertible Note Seed Financing

Techcrunch just began a 3-Part series addressing convertible note seed financing that we feel our readers would be very interested in. But wait, what’s convertible note seed financing?? According to their blog, “a convertible note is short-term debt that converts into equity.  In the context of a seed financing, the debt typically automatically converts into […]

How Crowdfunding will affect Investors

Thursday afternoon, President Obama signed off the Jumpstart our Business Startups (JOBS) Act – not only will it be affecting startups, but it will affect investors as well. How so? Remember when we talked about crowdsourcing a while back? Well the JOBS Act now officially recognizes the impact of a community investment and created some […]

The 4 Ways you can Tax your LLC

Limited Liability Companies (LLC) are a growing trend in startup structure due to their personal liability protection without the bureaucratic red tape. But one big decision to make after choosing the LLC structure for your small business is to decide how your LLC will be taxed. There is flexibility with the LLC which is why it so […]

What Shark Tank teaches us about Pitch Decks

The show Shark Tank has taken America by storm, pulling in top viewer numbers and sparking a new interest into small business, entrepreneurs, and big time investors. But whats more interesting than the entertainment factor of Shark Tank is the educational factor – Shark Tank visually shows us what types of pitches grab the attention, and […]

How One Small Business Dealt with Owing the IRS $15k

When Debra Locker Griffin realized she owed the IRS $15,000, it became one of the biggest nightmares for a small business owner – not having the money. But luckily, Griffin found a way to pay the IRS and shared her story so other small businesses could avoid this situation. The problem started with a hired […]

Groupon Offers Free Scheduling System for Small Businesses

Groupon Scheduler has, for the last few months, been offering a free scheduling tool for merchants that allows them to manage simple appointments, cancellations, and no-shows; it is now available for all small businesses. The Scheduler allows you paste a “Book Now” button on your website that would directly link with the program. With features like adding […]