Benefit Corporations vs. B-Corporations

With the new era of Social Enterprise upon us, we are seeing more and more companies blend their business structures between for-profit financial efforts and philanthropic social returns. This rise in social awareness and communal benefits has led to rise of Benefit Corporations and B-Corporations across the nation. Often confused, these two types of enterprises […]

Writing a Mission Statement that Matters

Your company’s Mission Statement is regarded as the guideline of your company’s direction. While also representing your company’s beliefs and values, your Mission Statement will give you goals and direction. It is an opportunity to show what you wish to accomplish and how you will go about doing so. These few lines of your business […]

Delivering a “Kitchen Table Pitch”

Before a meeting with formal investors such as Venture Capitalists and Angels, entrepreneurs fine tune their Elevator Pitch. But when startup owners want to gear their pitch towards family and friends, the Elevator Method become far too formal; instead, they utilize what is called the Kitchen Table Pitch. Compared to an elevator pitch, the Kitchen […]