5 Parts of Your Customer Interaction to Consider

There are five key factors to consider when formulating your company’s interaction with its customers (marketing, sales, product, customer service/product support, and resale). By carefully considering these aspects in your business plan and business planning processes, you will be one step closer to successfully managing these areas of your business. Marketing. If you consider the […]

Top 5 Questions to Consider When Building A Management Team

Before brining on a new manager, ask yourself the following questions: 1. Does the person fit into the company’s culture? Company culture is basically defined as the values and practices shared by the company’s employees. A company’s culture should be aligned to its business goals and therefore, the management team should also be aligned with […]

Startup Funding by the Numbers

In most cases, startup capital is key for the success of a small business startup. As we have demonstrated in previous blog posts, there are many financing options available to entrepreneurs when raising funds. The type of funding a startup should pursue varies from company to company and depends on what stage the company is […]

Three Types of Entrepreneurs

The word entrepreneur is derived from French and literally means, one who undertakes. With that in mind, entrepreneurs undertake a considerable amount of initiative and risk when launching a new business venture. Some are successful, but many will fail. Nonetheless, all entrepreneurs share the same driving spirit that has led them to undertake their dream […]

Tips to Bootstrapping Your Business

Bootstrapping is defined as the act of funding a startup by means of personal finances. This means using personal savings, credit cards, early cash flow, and frugal initial spending. Here are some quick tips to help you pinch pennies and ensure the success of your business. 1. Understand Your Business Idea Knowing precisely what problem […]

5 Ways to Increase Landing Page Conversion

Trying to maintain high web visibility is difficult. Trying to gain high levels of conversions once you have high web visibility is even harder. For any business to succeed, they need to have a high conversion rate which isn’t always easy considering that they only have a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention. If […]

Financing Options

Entrepreneurs have many options when raising funds for their startup including debt, equity and/or other types of financing. When it comes to deciding what type of funding to go after, there are no right answers. Every entrepreneur must determine what type of financing is right for them and their business. Some questions to help you […]

Four Common Startup Marketing Mistakes

First time startup owners are usually professionals in the field of their product and/or service. However, they are likely beginners in marketing their product or service. To achieve your marketing goals of growing your business, you need to avoid making the following four mistakes. Entering the market without research. Many first time entrepreneurs fail to […]