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Guerrilla Marketing: Ways to Save While Promoting Your Business

Guerilla Marketing Strategy from The Startup Garage

Marketing is an important strategy for any startup business. A new business can get a huge advantage from generating buzz. This process can be expensive by using advertisements like radio spots, commercials, websites, billboards, press releases, and yellow page ads, but marketing does not always need to be expensive. There are many Guerilla marketing techniques […]

Give and Your Business Shall Receive

Entrepreneurship Give and Business Receive from The Startup Garage

If you are networking to build your startup business, you might want to try the Give and Receive approach. The Give and you shall receive principle is popular in a lot of religions and mythologies. The same idea can be easily applied to your small startup business. Here, we suggest that you implement a more […]

The Power of Referral

Power of Referral Marketing from The Startup Garage

The process of getting new clients for a small startup is known to be one of the most intense struggles for a begging entrepreneur. As the doors of your startup open, marketing funds tend to be limited, brand awarenessbarely exists and new customers are hard to come by. However, if you own a small startup […]

Benchmarking for Startups

Entrepreneurship Benchmarks from The Startup Garage

In the business world there are a million different ways to measure success. In essence, what makes your business a success depends on your goals. So how do you measure your success? Its actually much simpler than you may think, using a process called benchmarking. Benchmarking is the process of comparing one’s business processes and […]

Finding the Right Business Lawyer for Your Startup Business

How to Find a Lawyer from The Startup Garage

Every small startup business needs the support of experienced professionals. Without a doubt the relationship that your company has with a business lawyer is one that is very important. Before you spend enormous amounts of funds, time and energy it is essential that you make sure that your legal foundation is solid and that your […]

Blogging. How To and What About

Blogging How to and What About from The Startup Garage

If you are a startup entrepreneur your blog might be an asset to your business. Your blog is a valuable business tool that allows you to reach your audience, to access your customers, to educate about your product, to market your services. If you care about any of the above blogging could be a valuable […]