Branding is a Key Element of the Business Plan

Throughout the business planning process you will be put in the position to make many creative decisions. If you are serious about starting a business that creates value, then you should be ready to attack them head on. Branding your business is just one of these challenges, however when your branding strategy is well thought […]

Business Plan Brainstorming

Writing a business plan is not something that you should do all by yourself. There are many situations where you will not only welcome feedback from others, and it will be beneficial to you. It truly helps to have multiple people involved in the process so that ideas are flowing to and from more than […]

How to Come Up With Your Killer Business Idea

One of the prevailing mysteries in the startup world is how to come up with your great business idea if you don’t have one already. There is no set system or tried and true list of steps that will automatically lead to killer business ideas, so this can definitely be a challenging endeavor. One of […]

Unexpected Uses for a Business Plan

Most entrepreneurs understand what a business plan is at its most simple level: a document that organizes a companys goals and their strategy for attaining them. A business plan is generally quite detailed, including the strategy for all divisions of the business, as well as market research that defines the external environment in which the […]